Jordan Trail, on its way along Jordan to Petra (and beyond)


In Jordan there is a path that crosses the entire country, from north to south, from the ancient Roman city of Umm Qais until it reaches Aqaba. It is the Jordan Trail is one of those once-in-a-lifetime paths and in this article we explain why.

Presented as the Inca Middle East Trail, the Jordan Trail is the result of an eight-year effort by 40 volunteers who have mapped and secured the trail. It runs more than 650 kilometers of trails and crosses 52 villages and towns. We have created a guide to the Jordan Trail with stages, map and gpx tracks.


Travelling the Jordan Trail means discovering the heart of Jordan, its morphology, its enchanted valleys, the desert and its historical sites. It is completed in about 40 days and is divided into stages of 25/30 km per day. You can choose to cover it in its entirety or choose only one of the stages in which it is divided, each stage is completed in four or five days.

The Jordan Trail passes through the northern forests, the canyons of the Jordan Rift Valley, reaches the ancient cities of Petra, Jerash and Kerac, winds through the desert and mountains of the Wadi Rum area, to the Red Sea.

Planning a trek is easy: the Jordan Trail Association, an NGO set up in 2015 to set up the path, has created a site complete with all the useful information you need to know before you leave, from authorized tour operators, to what to pack, from attractions to see along the way, to how to divide the walk. The diccoltà of the walk makes the paths in Jordan difficult to walk alone. We recommend a guide and since adventure tourism here is still in its infancy, in the country there are still a few licensed hiking guides.


The Jordan Trail is about 650 kilometers long. It starts in Um Qais, in the north of the country, almost at the border with Israel and arrives in Aqaba, on the coast of the Red Sea, in the south of the country. The route passes through 52 villages where you can sleep or camp. The Gps is fundamental, there are traces of the path in gpx but for many stretches the path is not yet well signposted. The best month to walk is March, before the scorching summer.

In the north of the country the soil is fertile and numerous agricultural villages dot the hills. Follow the old paths through the wooded area of Ajloun, where an imposing castle on the hill still dominates the landscape.

As the path winds further south, the landscape becomes drier and drier. The trails lead to the Dead Sea and the incredible canyons that cut the country in two. The trails follow ancient Roman roads or the ancient King’s Highway, crossed by merchants and pilgrims for millennia.


1) From Um Qais to Ajloun (80 km)

  • Um Qais in Ziglab (25.5 km)
  • Ziglab to Beit Idis (22.4 km)
  • Beit Idis in Rasoun (15.2 km)
  • Rasoun to Ajloun Castle (16.9 km)

2) From Ajloun to Salt (62.4 km)

  • Ajloun Castle in Khirbet Al-Souq (16.2 km)
  • Khirbet Al-Souq at King Talal Dam (14.6 km)
  • King Talal Dam in Rmemeen (15.7 km)
  • Rmeimeen to Salt (14.6 km) (Alternative route from Rmeimeen to Fuheis (15.1 km))

3) From Salt to Wadi Zarqa Main (84.4 km)

  • Salt to Iraq Al-Ameer (22.3 km) Alternative route from Fuheis to Iraq Al-Ameer (15.2 km)
  • Iraq Al-Ameer in Husban (19.5 km)
  • Husban to Oyoun Al-Theeb (19.8 km)
  • Oyoun Al-Theeb in Wadi Zarqa Main (21.1 km)

4) Three Wadis to Karak (75 km)

  • Wadi Zarqa Main in Hidan (17.2 km)
  • Hidan to Mujib (14.9 km)
  • Mujib to Magdalein (20.1 km)
  • Majdalein in Karak (22.8 km)

5) From Karak to Dana (84.5 km)

  • Kerak to Tur Taboun (27.1 km)
  • Tur Taboun in Karaka (21 km)
  • Karaka in Ma’tan (20.9 km)
  • Ma’tan in Dana (15.5 km)

6) From Dana to Petra (72.6 km)

  • Dana to Wadi Malaga (23.5 km)
  • Wadi Malaga to Ras Al-Feyd (13.7 km)
  • Ras Al-Feyd in Little Petra (22.8 km)
  • Little Petra in Petra (12.6 km)

7) From Petra to Rum (90.6 km)

  • Petra to Gaa’ Mriebed (22.1 km)
  • Gaa’ Mriebed at Wadi Al-Saif (14.3 km)
  • Wadi Al-Saif at Wadi Gseib (12.2 km)
  • Wadi Gseib to Wadi Aheimar (15.6 km)
  • Wadi Aheimar in Humeima (26.3 km)

8) From Rum to the Red Sea (113.2 km)

  • Humeima to Jebel Kharaz (19 km)
  • Jabal Kharazah to Shakriya (16 km)
  • Shakriya in Rum Village (12.1 km)
  • Rum Village in Wadi Waraqa (20.6 km)
  • Wadi Waraqa at Final Camp (25.9 km)
  • Final Camp in Aqaba (19.6 km)

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